Ravenous Stabs of Emotion

I lay face down on the cold hard floor

Feeling hunger like never before.

Crumpled up in a ball, I might just die. 

For all I want is some deep-fat-fry!

And though my small steak wasn’t all that tough

those vegetables are just not enough.

It’s my cravings at night that do me in.

All I can think of is that candy tin.

But that damn scale doesn’t lie a bit

And it’s not easy at all to get fit. 

I block the thoughts that keep me in wanting.

I turn away from the candy taunting

And take a bite, a nibble or two

of that orange carrot, through and through.

Crunchy, sweet, but not like chocolate.

Someone laughs, I tell them to sock it!

I could go on about my stomach rot.

But I surely shall not, no I will not.

I’m one of millions of indulgent eaters

Dreaming of ways to become diet cheaters.

On that note, I bid you adieu.

Eat some deep-fat-fry in my lieu!  





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